Virtual Farm: A Resource for Equine Health & Disease Prevention

The end of another term is fast approaching! The past few months have been filled with a wealth of information from my instructors and peers. One of the assignments for Equine Health & Disease Prevention was to create a virtual farm with action points for each unit. I’ve even included a few horses, a mule, and a couple of barn cats – Henry, Mabel, Marvin, Fellini, Mr. Mustard, Lucy, and George. The farm will serve as an invaluable tool as I continue through these courses and particularly when I adopt a horse of my own. I hope other people will find it helpful too!

The categories are as follows:

  1. Advocating for Your Horse’s Health
  2. Monitoring Your Horse’s Health
  3. Role of Biosecurity in Equine Wellness
  4. Effective Approaches in Emergencies
  5. Hoof Health & Conditions
  6. Lameness – Diagnostic Process
  7. Lameness – Understanding Conditions
  8. Dental Care & Parasite Control
  9. Owner Impact on Colic
  10. Overview of Medical Conditions
  11. Respiratory & Cardiovascular Health
  12. Pre-Purchase Examination
  13. Toxins