Introducing Owl Equestrian

L’écurie equine is now Owl Equestrian!

Why the change? While I quite like the alliteration (écurie/equine), wordplay (écurie sounds like curious), and meaning behind the original name (L’écurie is French for horse stable and I have French Canadian heritage), the direct English translation of L’écurie equine is the equine stable, which I feel may have been a bit confusing or misleading, and, much like my last name, un-pronounceable by many.

Owl Equestrian, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. Why Owl? Some people know me as Natalie Owle, a fun bit of wordplay with my husband’s last name. Naturally, when I thought about making a change, Owl Equestrian immediately came to mind, and it stuck!

I’ve been quiet for the last couple of months, as I took a term off from my studies to move across the country, from BC to Ontario. I will be back at it in September with Equine Nutrition, the last course required for the Equine Welfare Certificate. In the meantime, just last week to be exact, I completed an 80-hour Equine Massage Therapy course and am now a Certified Equine Massage Therapist!

The primary purpose of Owl Equestrian has been and will continue to be a place to share current research in equine studies while I consider building a practice as an equine massage therapist. More on that later.