EquuRES: Sustainable Development Goals for the Equine Industry

Imagine boarding at a facility and supporting equestrian businesses that prioritize the conservation of natural resources, support local supply chains, foster equine welfare, reduce energy consumption, use renewable energy, properly manage manure and other waste by incorporating waste reduction methods (including composting and recycling), and properly maintain buildings to reduce operating costs and conserve energy. Imagine a program that encourages steps to shift practices at the farm and business level to educate, inspire change, and achieve sustainability within the equine industry.

In 2014, such a program was launched in Normandy, France. Said to be “the very first environmental program dedicated to the horse industry,” EquuRES was developed by the Lower Normandy Horse Council as a way to foster sustainable development and environmental stewardship while promoting equine welfare.

Equestrian organizations that comply with the criteria set forth under EquuRES are awarded a label based on their level of compliance and can progress through 3 stages, Engagement, Progression, and Excellence.

Initiated with the intention of creating a national and international certification process to foster sustainability throughout the equine industry, 57 facilities/businesses across France have been awarded the EquuRES label over the last 5 years.

Does anyone know of any similar programs in other countries? How does your facility/sector or the businesses you support promote these or similar objectives?

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