Introducing Owl Equestrian

L’écurie equine is now Owl Equestrian! Why the change? While I quite like the alliteration (écurie/equine), wordplay (écurie sounds like curious), and meaning behind the original name (L’écurie is French for horse stable and I have French Canadian heritage), the direct English translation of L’écurie equine is the equine stable, which I feel may have […]

Virtual Farm: A Resource for Equine Health & Disease Prevention

The end of another term is fast approaching! The past few months have been filled with a wealth of information from my instructors and peers. One of the assignments for Equine Health & Disease Prevention was to create a virtual farm with action points for each unit. I’ve even included a few horses, a mule, and […]

Enquire, Reflect, Engage & Advocate

The discussions in the current unit of Advanced Equine Behaviour, nay, in the entire course, have been fascinating and incredibly insightful. a statement which holds true for every course I’ve taken with Equine Guelph. While I don’t have a horse of my own, nor am I currently leasing, I do aspire to adopt one within […]