To Shoe or Not to Shoe? Part 4: Benefits of Being Barefoot

Photo: Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor A Healthier Foot Allowing a horse to go barefoot for even just part of the year can be beneficial and promote soundness. In the article “Barefoot Benefits” Gabrielle Pullen (2001) summarizes Robert Bowker’s examination of 125 barefoot horses (never shod) and 10 show horses (previously always shod) that […]

To Shoe or Not to Shoe? Part 1

While those who strongly believe in shoeing seem to be of the opinion that it is the right and only way, many barefoot advocates believe that although barefoot is better, shoes are sometimes necessary. Prior to enrolling in the Equine Functional Anatomy course offered by Equine Guelph, I had no idea that one’s decision to […]